Gotta Have Faye-th Mission Statement

The Gotta Have Faye-th Foundations is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting car accident victims by raising funds to counteract extensive medical expenses therefore aiding in their recovery process.

Meet Our Team

Faye Adcox


I started the Gotta Have Faye-th foundation to help others. When I had my car accident so many of my friends gave me so much. I wanted to take that love and support and in some way give it to others that may need it. I could have died that night, but I didn't and for some reason I am still here. I do not want to waste this gift of life that I was given. I want to PAY IT FORWARD. The Gotta have Faye-th Foundation is my way of trying to help and give back.

Ashley Morris

Vice President

I joined the Gotta Have Faye-th Foundation to give back to the community that did so much for my family in our time of need. The founder and namesake of the organization is my mother, seeing the support from so many during our tragedy was heartwarming. My goal is to pay it forward and help other individuals during trying times. We cannot take the pain of the event away, but easing stress goes a long way to helping the body recover.

Ashley Santana


Faye has been a family friend for several years and a wonderful mentor to me. When Faye asked for volunteers to help put this foundation together there was no question that I would be there to help in whatever way she needed.

Gina Bailey


I'm honored to be a part of this foundation! To see what Faye has overcome since her accident is inspiring! I've watched her struggle over the year mentally and physically and I believe she is stronger now than ever! I can't wait to see what this foundation will be able to do for others and to be able to give back is amazing!

Bobbi Jo Webber

Board Member

Faye is a really great friend. As soon as I heard about her accident, those of us in our "Fitness Family" decided that we had to do something to help. Of course with her love of running a 5K was the perfect choice. The first race was all about helping her, now I can have the opportunity to help and support others in serious situations as well.

Estee Gleasner

Board Member

My name is Estee Gleasner and being a part of the Gotta have Fay-th 5k is very important to me. Almost a year ago I watched a very dear friend of mine have everything stripped from her in a matter of moments. A car accident beyond her control caused her to be non-responsive and unable to move. I also witnessed what it did to her family and loved ones. Not only did it take a toll on her body, but it took a toll on her emotionally and financially as well. Being a part of the committee that runs the Gotta Have Faye-th events is my way of helping other people who may endure the same battle that she has.


History of the Gotta Have Faye-th Foundation

Gotta have Faye-th foundation was set up to help trauma victims in Delaware - Faye was in a near fatal accident feb 2015 and my friends and family came together in prayer and in help by setting up a 5k walk/run to help me with the mounting medical expenses. I want to pay it forward by helping others in the same situation - every May we have a 5k walk/run to benefit an individual who was a victim of an accident.


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